Welcome to HUDAD Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat

Nestled on an expansive and verdant plateau, Lalibela Hudad is a world upon itself. A hidden Eden with grand vistas, varied and alluring animals and birds and plant life. Community run and community managed, the lodge showcases local sustainable and ecological tourism at its’ best.
The Hudad Lalibela is an expansive and attractive plateau overlooking the ancient town of Lalibela and is home to and protects a number of wildlife species. The plateau acts as a nature sanctuary, and uses its profits to help conserve the nearby Abuchagula reserve.

The lodge is run by the communities that surround it, with local villagers taking care of it via a shift system so as to make sure that tourism opportunities are equitably distributed.
Enjoy their unique and enchanting hospitality, lose yourself amongst the bushes, explore the plateaus’ many view points and nestle in to observe the local wildlife… and most importantly, take the time to relax and enjoy this exotic and alluring island…

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The Lalibela Hudad is sistered with the popular and well regarded Maribela Hotel. Consider booking a stay at both hotels during your visit to Lalibela.

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What to Expect

The Lalibela Hudad plateau is at 3,300M above sea level, making it the highest lodge in Ethiopia. From the town of Lalibela, it is possible for a vehicle to take visitors part of the way with the ride taking approximately 25 minutes from center of town. Once visitors arrive at the designated midpoint of the mountain, the final stretch must be attempted on foot or by Mule.The steep hike up requires a lot of energy and some preparation. It takes between 1 and 130 hours from the vehicle drop off point, or alternatively, 230 to 3 hours from center of town.

Our Amenities

Guests visiting the Lalibela Hudad stay in rustic stone huts and houses scattered across the plateau.
A stone restaurant, located at the entrance to the plateau, is where all food is served and entertainment is provided.
Facilities are complemented with composting toilets, and a single shared showering room.

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Places to Visit

What Our Customers Say

  • The location is unbeatable spectacular, staff super friendly, food is also good! all in all an incredible experience that is so worth it even if you just do it in a day-trip from Lalibela, but I do recommend spending the night!
  • A great lodge for a true getaway. The scenery is simply spectacular throughout the entire property, given it sits very high on a small plateau. Baboons abound and make for quite the experience when having a morning coffee or evening tea.
  • I spent 3 nights in Hudad Lodge and feel like a new man! This is the most tranquil and beautiful place I have ever stayed... Truly breathtaking. You can see baboons whenever you want and get really close to them... The views are incredible... The people are lovely...
  • My hike up to hudad via asheten maryam church took around 4 hours. I had an excellent guide, thomas, who let me walk at my own pace and gave interesting facts. At hudad we were rewarded with breathtaking 360 views and a delicious lunch - and coffee of course.
  • Not an easy way to get there - travel light although the guides will help with your backpack if needed. But if you get there - it is unique! We were the night alone in the whole compound with our guide, cook and the guards. And the monkeys :-)