Places to Visit

Hudad Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat

Asheten Maryam

The spectacularly situated church of Asheten Maryam is built on the peak of a mountain with its namesake and overlooks Lalibela. The hike to the church takes about 1 and a half to 2 hours.
Special services are held on September 20th and 29th.

Yemmerah Kristos Church

The freestanding wood and stone church of Yemmerha Kristos was built at the dramatic entry to a cave. Hiking to the church takes between 6 and 7 hours and requires a vehicular pick-up.
Special services are held on January 7th and 28th October.


A church built along a shallow cave in a dramatic setting. Waterfalls cascade from the cave’s ceiling and fill natural pools with holy water, widely used by locals for the curing of ailments. The hike down to the church takes 3 to 4 hours.
Special services are held on November 11th.

Abuchagula Reserve

There are a number of short walks that can take place in the Abichagula reserve which is located on the northern side of the Hudad. The reserve is home to large numbers of endemic fauna and flora and is one of the few remaining examples of thick wild vegetation. In addition, the mysterious and as of yet unexplored buried church of Beta Gabriel is a two hour hike from the Lodge.

Village Visits

The villagers that manage the lodge are located in a number of hamlets scattered across the countryside. It is possible to visit their homes, and gain an understanding of local lives and livelihoods in this high altitude location. You will be offered local dishes and participate in a coffee ceremony whilst cooking and farming demonstration lessons are also on offer.
The Hudad Community School

A short walk from the Lalibela Hudad is a community school built by the Australian NGO, friends of the Hudad. This currently has two classroom blocks but is part of a wider program bent on teaching sustainable farming skills and maintaining mountain families together.

Abune Yusef

Abune Yosef is the one of the highest peaks in Ethiopia, at 4300 meters above sea level. The hike to Abune Yosef is relatively difficult, but well worth the trip. To take 4 to 5 hours and requires an overnight stay at a local lodge. You will gain the chance to see the unique afro alpine habitat zone with its’ majestic giant lobelias. The highly endangered Ethiopian wolf is often spotted in the Abune Yosef conservation area.

The Surrounding highlands

Extraordinary vistas, sculptural geological features, exceptional wildlife spotting and more scattered villages can be explored with treks further into the mountain countryside. Longer week long itineraries are available for trekkers. Contact us for more details.

What Our Customers Say

  • The location is unbeatable spectacular, staff super friendly, food is also good! all in all an incredible experience that is so worth it even if you just do it in a day-trip from Lalibela, but I do recommend spending the night!
  • A great lodge for a true getaway. The scenery is simply spectacular throughout the entire property, given it sits very high on a small plateau. Baboons abound and make for quite the experience when having a morning coffee or evening tea.
  • I spent 3 nights in Hudad Lodge and feel like a new man! This is the most tranquil and beautiful place I have ever stayed... Truly breathtaking. You can see baboons whenever you want and get really close to them... The views are incredible... The people are lovely...
  • My hike up to hudad via asheten maryam church took around 4 hours. I had an excellent guide, thomas, who let me walk at my own pace and gave interesting facts. At hudad we were rewarded with breathtaking 360 views and a delicious lunch - and coffee of course.
  • Not an easy way to get there - travel light although the guides will help with your backpack if needed. But if you get there - it is unique! We were the night alone in the whole compound with our guide, cook and the guards. And the monkeys :-)